Made In the San Francisco Bay Area
GigaYeast, Inc.

Yeast and sour cultures

GigaYeast, Inc. produces  liquid yeast and unique wild/sour cultures in pitchable quantities of 1-120 BBL for commercial breweries.  We are doing everything a little different and a little better– from our manufacturing process to our customer service.  Our pitch rate is the best of any lab (1 trillion cells per BBL) and brewers notice the difference in the initial pitch.

Common and specialty yeast plus wild cultures at competitive prices.  See our Yeast Collection. If you don’t see the strain you’re looking for or would like free consultation on yeast strain selection call us at (669) 342-7757.

Perfect yeast.  Period.   GigaYeast, Inc. was started by scientist and beer fanatic Dr. Jim Withee with years of experience in design and assessment of QA/QC.  Our Quality control is second to none and our yeast is guaranteed to arrive fresh, healthy and contamination free or you don’t pay.

Save $$ on shipping.  Shipping liquid yeast can be expensive.  At your request we will spend more time and money on our end so your order can be safely shipped by 2-day shipping instead of overnight.  We offer free 2-Day shipping of any size order to all breweries in California and most locations in Oregon and Washington.