Made In the San Francisco Bay Area
GigaYeast, Inc.

Sweet Flemish Brett GB144

Description: Brettanomyces bruxellensis

Recommended Temperature Range: 68 F to 75 F

Tasting Notes:  Produces a sweet, slightly fruity profile with just a hint of barnyard and spicy phenolics

7 days at 71 F in 1045 sweet wort, Ph 5.5:
Apparent Attenuation–83%
Final Ph—5.3 (2 X acidification)

7 days at 71 F in 1045 sweet wort plus 1% lactic acid Ph 3.6:
Apparent Attenuation–84%

General Notes: Brew with GB144 on it’s own to make an all brett beer, in a primary fermentation with an ale yeast for a complex blended profile or in a secondary to add character during aging.