Made In the San Francisco Bay Area
GigaYeast, Inc.

Versatile Ale Yeast

These are your Go-To yeast. Used as a house strain to create a large number of styles or anytime you want a solid performer that stays out of the way and lets the hops and malt do the talking

Name Brief Description
NorCal Ale #1
Clean fermenting, versatile strain from one of the most famous California pale ales. Excellent for emphasizing hop flavor and aroma. Strong attenuation and good flocculation.
British Ale #1
Versatile house strain from a traditional UK Brewery. Strong attenuation, low esters and excellent flocculation for clear beer.
NorCal Ale #5
Slightly more flocculant and less attenuative than GY001. Leaves a clear beer with slight residual sweetness.
British Ale #2
From one of the oldest and best-known English cask ales. Strong Attenuation and excellent flocculation with slightly more fruity ester production than GY011.
British Ale #3
From a British craft brewery known for its award winning hoppy English ales. Good flocculation, slight esters, excellent for accentuating hop flavor and aroma.
Scotch Ale #1
Neutral flavors that emphasize maltiness. Perfect in Stouts, Porters, Scottish Ales and Wee Heavys.
Vermont IPA Yeast
From one of the best examples of an east coast IPA.  This yeast attenuates slightly less than NorCal Ale #1 and leaves a beer with more body and a slight fruity ester that is amazing with aromatic hops.
Irish Stout
*New Strain*  From one of the most famous stouts in the world. Creates a crisp, dry beer with a subtle fruity profile and a slightly tangy finish. *New Strain*