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Specialty Ale Yeast

These yeast create distinct styles of beer like Belgian Ales, Hefe, Wit, Saison, Kolsch and Alt. But don’t let that limit your imagination– many of these yeast are under-utilized.

Name Brief Description
Achouffe Belgian Ale
Abbey style yeast from the Belgian Ardennes. Spicy clove like notes and a hint of fruity esters. Medium flocculation means a clearer beer than most Belgian yeast.
Belgian Mix
A blend of Trappist Ale yeast combine to create robust attenuation and a complex flavor profile.
Scourmont Abbey Ale
Classic Belgian Ale yeast from the best known Trappist brewery. Strong attenuation with a fruity nose. The warmer it gets the fruitier it grows.
Trappist Tripel
Trappist Ale yeast from the mother of all Tripels. Warm notes with just a hint of spice. Excellent for emphasizing the malty sweet quality prized in certain Belgians.
Altstadt Ale
An ale yeast that ferments at cold temperatures and produces a lager like ale style. Used in traditional Alt and Kölsch styles. Leaves a nice, residual maltiness.
Bavarian Hefe
A Hefeweizen yeast from one of Bavaria’s oldest breweries. Produces the traditional clove and banana flavors associated with the style— especially when fermented warm.
Saison #1
Traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. Strong attenuator that produces a dry beer with a beautiful fragrance and the traditional Saison taste of fruit and pepper.
Portland Hefe
From the famous American Hefeweizen. Creates a delicious cloudy wheat beer with negligible amounts of Banana and clove flavor
Kölsch Bier
From one of the oldest Kölsch breweries in Köln. Ferments cold similar to GY019 to produce crisp tasting lager-like ales.
Saison #2
From a traditional farmhouse saison. Produces a nice fruity nose and finishes slightly sweeter than GY018.
Belgian Wit
Classic Belgian Wit yeast. Produces the tart and spicy flavors of a traditional Wit. This yeast is a strong attenuator that leaves a dry, slightly cloudy beer.
Saison Blend
This Blend is a super robust attenuator that produces a complex flavor profile of fruit and spice.
Golden pear Belgian
From the originator of the Belgian Golden Strong Ale style.  Estery profile reminiscent of apple and pear with a subdued level of spicy phenolics.   Excellent choice for high gravity belgian and farmhouse style ales.
Quebec Abbey Ale Yeast
 From one of the first breweries in North America to create a successful line of traditional Abbey style ales. This Belgian ale yeast creates a malt forward beer with subtle fruity esters and a very small amount of clove notes