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Sours and Wild Yeast

Our line of wild yeast, lactic acid bacteria and sour blends are provided in pitchable quantities for consistent performance.  In addition to the expected attenuation, we also characterized the expected level of sourness for each strain or blend. Why go to all the trouble?  Because it allows the brewer a new level of control so you can make your most creative brews.  Learn more by clicking on a strain name. 

Name Brief Description
Brussels Bruxellensis (GB001) Produces classic Brett “Barnyard” characteristics plus some subtle fruity aroma and moderate acidity. Adds a tart complexity to any beer.
Tart Cherry Brett (GB002)  Produces some Brett Barnyard funk plus stone fruit and cherry-like esters. This Strain also produces a moderate amount of acid that adds a tart complexity to the brew.
GigaYeast Lacto (GB110)  A robust, fast souring lactic acid bacteria.  Produces a clean tart flavor.
 Farmhouse Sour (GB121)  A blend of Belgian ale yeast, Brett and lactic acid bacteria–  sweet, sour and a little funky
 Berliner Blend (GB122)  A blend of neutral ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Use directly in a primary to make a crisp, sour beer!
Sour Plum Belgian (GB123)  Belgian ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Cleaner than GB121.  Creates a beer with stone fruit/plum esters and sour notes
Saison Sour (GB124)  A blend of saison ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria that produces a sour beer with fruity esters and a touch of black pepper
Sweet Flemish Brett (GB144)  A pure Brettanomyces strain that produces a sweet, fruity nose with just a touch of barnyard and phenolics.  Use in a primary to make an all brett beer or in the secondary to add character during aging.
New* Sour Cherry Funk (GB150)   New* This blend creates an amazing complex, sour beer with fruity cherry esters.
New* Brux Blend (GB156)  New* A blend of Brettanomyces yeast that produces stone fruit esters and a hint of barnyard. Creates a moderate amount of acid that adds a tart complexity to the brew.