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Pro Brewers Technical

Yeast Management
Proper yeast management is key to consistent beer. Optimal pitch rates of healthy, uncontaminated yeast protect your brew from beer spoilers and ensure beers remain consistent and free of off flavors. Read this short, simple guide to learn the basics of harvesting, storage and re-pitching.  Click HERE to lean more!

Using a Hemocytometer
Learn how to enumerate and assess yeast viability using a Hemocytometer.  Click HERE to learn more! 

A Little Guide to Microbial Quality Control (MQC) in the Brewery  
A brief intro to microbial Quality Control (MQC) in the brewery.   It will teach you  1) Where to sample for beer spoilers. 2) How to sample properly for beer spoilers. 3) How to interpret the resultsClick HERE to learn more!

Equipping your own Brewery Lab
A bare bones guide that provides different options for equipping a brewery laboratory based on your need and resources