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Thanks! My current fermentation of a pale ale using your GY054 is one of the most vigorous I’ve had in a while. 

Gary | 2016

I have to say this is my favorite yeast I have ever used. Despite the slow fermentation I got the peach and mango I really wanted. This yeast is absolutely amazing when coupled with a citrusy hop bill. I decided to wash the yeast and see what the second generation will produce. I am very excited to put this in another beer. I am not sure I will use another liquid yeast company after my experience.

Bryce | 2016

Amazing customer service from GigaYeast – try their Vermont IPA!

submitted 1 year ago by carlfense

Give GigaYeast a shot! My story:
I’ve only been brewing for about a year but I need to share my experience with GigaYeast. About six months ago I brewed an all citra hopped pale ale with GigaYeast’s Vermont IPA yeast. It turned out amazing . . . head and shoulders my best beer to date. About a month ago I decided that I was going to brew the same recipe again so I placed an order with one of the big online homebrew supply stores. They promptly shipped and delivered my order and it sat for three days on my front porch while my wife and I were in labor and delivery with our firstborn child. So my ingredients including the liquid yeast pack sat out in temperatures that hit 80 degrees + for several days.
I didn’t think that there would be much hope for the viability of the yeast but I emailed GigaYeast directly asking if they thought that there was any chance that the yeast was still viable. They promptly responded and suggested that I try a starter and if it didn’t take off to let them know. They also said that if the yeast didn’t survive the extended time on my porch that they’d send me a replacement free of charge if I paid for the shipping. Impressive!
I tried the starter a few weeks later. No luck. I emailed GigaYeast again and offered to pay for the yeast and for shipping if they could send me a replacement. (The online retailer was out of stock.) They refused . . . and said that they would not only send me a replacement but that they’d cover the shipping too! Holy crap. I got the package from GigaYeast on Friday. They’d shipped it overnight . . . and not only did they give me a free replacement of their Vermont IPA but they also included a pouch of their Scotch Ale yeast! Both yeast packages were dated showing that they were produced the day before, November 4th.
Anyways, long story short, GigaYeast has a customer for life. They didn’t have to do any of this. It was my fault for the poor timing on the delivery. Simply amazing customer service. Great yeast too! Give them a shot if you haven’t already. Companies that go above and beyond like this deserve every bit of good publicity that they receive.

TL;DR I screwed up, GigaYeast sent me a replacement and another strain free of charge.

Reddit Review from Homebrewer | 2015


Just wanted to let you know, the starter took off like a bat out of hell and the beer (Arrogant Bastard IPA Clone) came out GREAT!  I know its not recommended practice, but I just wanted to let you know that even after a year on my fridge door, this yeast performed and passed the test with flying colors. Bravo!
Its only been bottle conditioning for 5 days but i had to sneak a taste, and low and behold, full carbonation.  Thanks again!
Organic Pharming | 2015

I recently made a beautiful batch of Gose using a sour wort method and your Fast Souring Lacto.  The beer is great and I’m sure it will win a few awards.  I love this beer, so good job on bringing a great product to market!  

Jason | 2015


Thanks for the info! I pitched the whole pack into 2.5 gallons of 1.050 wort, A Hibiscus/Citra Farmhouse ale and the 047 attenuated to 1.005. What a yeast. I had an issue with the heat belt, after pitching at 64 the belt jacked the fermentation up to 80 after 48 hours. The temp never fell below there but I kept it going up to 90 before reaching 1.005. Tastes nice and fruity coupled with the hibiscus and Citra. 

Scotty | 2014


I am homebrewer and am very happy with your 5gal yeast packs. I have tried your Vermont (Conan) ale and your Belgian Ale,  they have started in 3 hours for me
thank you very much
Anne- Marie | 2013

At our homebrew club meeting Friday evening, one of our members brought a saison he had brewed using GY018, and we were all mightily impressed with it. We had no idea that there was a yeast producer right up the road from us!

Derek | 2013


I just wanted to thank you guys for coming and presenting at Facebook and providing us with yeast. I received the GY018 French Saison from Yannick and the flavor of the yeast was wonderful. I shared some of the beer with some members of the Silicon Valley Sudzers Homebrew Club and people were really intrigued by the yeast, so I told them about you guys. Just wanted to say thanks again for the yeast, and to just say how pleased everyone was with it.

Adam | 2013


I’ve had two great successes with your yeast.  One with NorCal and one Golden Pear, from Oak Barrel in Berkeley.  I really like the high cell count, which lets me make 10 gallon batches with less planning or worry about underpitching.  Thanks for the excellent yeast.  I’m recommending it to everyone.  Hoping for some Scourmont or Achouffe yeast next!

David | 2013


Racked the two pale ales to kegs yesterday. One brewed w/ The new yeast & one w/ your Cali yeast.
In brief, I think the alchemist yeast is almost like a high attenuating English yeast that has a great, full mouthfeel & in place of the sometimes cherry phenol — is an orange/apricot ester & makes a great pale ale w/ low diacetyl & low clove esters.
The OG was 1055 for the beers.  I racked both to secondary. The Cali was at 1012 & the alchemist was @ 1014. I was taken aback by the alchemist gravity reading b/c it tasted like it was a 1020. Very full. A strong orange flavor was present.  At legging the final gravity was 1010 for both yeast. The alchemist lost some of the phenolic smell, making it more subdued than a belgian beer but retained a sophisticated orange flavor — much in the same way wlp007 has a cherry flavor after some time.
Overall, a baller beer & I can see how it enhances hoppiness.  
Ralston | 2012