Made In the San Francisco Bay Area
GigaYeast, Inc.

Beer Spoiler Test Kit

Screen your wort, beer or environmental samples for a complete panel of potential beer spoilers. Kit includes everything you need to sample tanks, yeast slurry, packaged beer, brewery surfaces etc. Just collect samples in the sterile containers provided, place them in the box and ship using the prepaid shipping label.

To order call (669) 342-7757 or email Laboratory@GigaYeast.Com. Kit includes:

    1. Sterile Sample Tubes
    2. Sterile Enviro Swabs
    3. Latex Gloves
    4. Shipping box and prepaid return shipping label
    5. Complete Instructions
    6. Results reported back to your email in an easy to understand format
Samples Price for complete Kit (includes shipping and Lab Results)
1 $39.53
2 $67.15
3 $93.77
4 $120.39
5 $147.01